Why start a blog

Why I’m doing this

I can’t say I’ve ever really wanted anyone else to read what I write or that I necessarily have anything good to say, but I do want to try and share some knowledge and work on my writing. I find that I learn the best when I’m teaching others in some way, so this is really just my selfish means to explore new ideas and topics that I find interesting.

Topics I’m thinking about

  • Emulator Programming (Chip8 Interpreter)
  • Why I think Rust is cool (Overview?)
  • Binary information formats (ImageJ ROIs)
  • Julia and Mandelbrot Set (Interactive)

Why you might want to listen to me

This blog is going to be all about exploring new domains and problems I find interesting, but you may also. I’m going to try and break everything down into understandable chunks, provide plenty of examples, and give access to a public git reposity with full solutions. Interactive examples will be included with applicable topics like the Julia and Mandelbrot set, I mean who doesn’t love to play with sliders and make cool visuals. Why not try and throw an emulator into the mix also.

Why you shouldn’t listen to me

I’m young, probably naive, and won’t necessarily have the best explanations or solutions for the problems and domains I want to explore. I fully accept this and am willing to take any advice or critisims at hate_mail@gwade.co.